FIVE as your EVS sending partner

Fiatalok a Vidékért Egyesület – called FIVE, is an accredited Erasmus+ EVS sending and coordinating organisation in Hungary. We generally send 50-60 EVS volunteers to abroad a year. Most of our EVS partners located in Poland, Sweden, Germany, Spain and Italy but Malta is an important target country as well.

FIVE is an independent, grass root non-profit organisation which aims to offer alternative learning possibilities for youngsters through non-formal activities and active participation to lay the foundation or consider and restructuring their career way.

FIVE was founded in 1999 by agricultural university students attended to rural development and environmental protection specializations. Present time it is a small association with hundreds of youth mobility experiences.
The goal of the association is to offer different intercultural learning opportunities for youngsters live in the countryside to support them creating their own opportunities for their future life and revitalize the community life of rural areas.

Many youngsters have to make a decision about their future profession when they are insufficiently prepared for decision making because of luck of practical experiences. Many of them start formal educational learning process without a clear goal of their professional life therefore later they want to change their educational aims, start from scratch or become unemployed. In this gap FIVE offers them non-formal learning possibilities which is a practical way to escape from their routine, improve their human qualities, develop their self-assessment capabilities to think their goals over and if necessary revise their former career way.

Past and present activities include youth exchange projects, youth workers mobility projects and coordination of receiving EVS projects in close cooperation with an elementary school. In that project we had coordinated the hosting of 2 or 3 EVS volunteers per year for 3 years.

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Sending organization’s data

If you would like to involve FIVE as sending organisation in your EVS project download our PIF and Mandate form.

Partnership information form (PIF): download here

Mandate form: download here

Please fill in the correct mandate form preferred by your Natonal Agency and send it to evs{at}


Contact’s data

In case of partnership building
Your contact keeper: Mr. Béla Mokos, president, EVS coordinator
Mobile: +36 30 629 5452
eMail: mokos.bela{at}
Skpye: mokos.bela.five


In case of ongoing EVS projects
Your contact keeper: Mrs. Eszter Zakar, EVS coordinator
Mobile: +36 70 940 5982
eMail: zakar.eszter{at}
Skpye: zakar.eszter.five